Drupal 7 Sprint Camp in Hannover

This weekend, undpaul is proud to present the Drupal 7 Sprint Camp in Hannover in collaboration with the German Drupal Initiative. Note the absence of "code" in the name ;) We are happy to cover non-code topics to the same extent that we will be doing coding, of course.

From its announcement, the sprint has quickly been a sell-out success. The 40 available places were quickly taken without even a real announcement. A testament to the vividness and commitment of the Drupal community ;)

We will be sprinting at the Coworking Space Hannover this coming weekend on Sat/Sun 16/17 Oct. with an opening socializing event on Friday night. On the sprint days, we will be working in four groups: coding, marketing, documentation and translation. Each group has its own team lead to coordinate better and to have someone to speak to for the team members at all time. People that wanna participate remotely, can jump in IRC channel #d7sc this weekend. This channel will be german speaking but if we have a lot of english speaking participants, we will open another channel or use #drupal-contribute.

The topics

The concentration will be on modules rather than on core, and on meta topics. Personally I am responsible for the marketing section, which needs a lot of attention especially over here in Germany. In Germany, Drupal is not the leading high-end OSS CMS at all. In fact, it is doing so badly, that a big publishing house could not be convinced to publish a learning DVD about Drupal because market research tells them it won't get sufficient sales. Well, it is not that bad, but the fact is we gotta do something over here.

One special focus of the coding group will be Views 3 for Drupal 7: Views is quasi-core, and in order to being able to use Drupal 7 for real-life projects, it needs a lot of attention. As Daniel Wehner (dereine), co-maintainer of Views, says that the problem with Views 3 for Drupal 7 is that too few people (surprisingly) use it yet. There is actually a lack of issues, something unheard of in the views issue queue. So we will also focus to test it in a real-life environment to find the bugs - or verify the absence of them. Another quasi-core area of Drupal 7 that has gotten too little attention is the upgrade path for CCK. There are voices that say it should be core issues, but to get Drupal 7 out the door, we simply cannot afford this. So hopefully we will be testing the CCK upgrade path and improve it as well.

We are looking forward to a great weekend. Expect to hear reports and see impact on the issue queue from us ;)