8.04.2021 Simone Oppermann

Information for Drupal 9 upgrades from Drupal 8

Drupal is facing an end-of-life this year: Support for Drupal 8 will be discontinued as of 11/2/2021. Since Drupal 8 will no longer be supported after the EOL, we can only urge all Drupal 8 site owners to upgrade their system to Drupal 9 in time.
7.04.2021 Tom Keitel

Please choose your view mode... Now!

Switch view modes for all entity types editorially with our new Drupal module! In our projects we lacked versatility and flexibility for site builders as well as editors in layout output. So we developed a new module that provides editors with several predefined view modes with different layouts to choose from, while still maintaining site layout consistency.
9.03.2021 Simone Oppermann

Discovery as a door opener for new Project

Again and again we find out: One of the biggest sticking points is the preparation and work prior to the actual project start. That is why we at undpaul have developed a method with our Discovery Workshop, which helps to ensure a good and coordinated start to every new project.
3.03.2021 Anja Schirwinski

Collaboration with agency partners

At the VDZ Tech Summit 2021, we talked about the problems that can arise when working with agency partners and how to avoid them in advance. In this article, we summarize the topic in detail...
9.02.2021 Luca Stockmann

New Drupal module for contextual assistants

To enable visitors to the site to navigate more effectively via individual assistants that inform and direct them to the relevant topics depending on the context - that's what we wanted to realize for one of our projects. However, we lacked a good way to do this in Drupal, so we developed the Site Assistant module. Are you curious what's behind the new Drupal module?
15.01.2021 Simone Oppermann

Drupal celebrates its 20th anniversary

Today, just 20 years ago, the first version of Drupal, Drupal 1, was released. Many technologies have emerged in the past 20 years, became relevant, then lost their relevance again and disappeared. But not Drupal. We come together with a loud (and somewhat off-key) "Happy Birthday" for its 20th birthday. Great that Drupal and its wonderful community have been part of the world wide web for so long!