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Our highlights of DrupalCon Europe 2021

A few weeks ago, DrupalCon Europe took place - for the second time as a purely digital conference. We used the time to learn new things, to share our knowledge and to contribute to the

Seitenansicht des TinyHouse 35KubikHeimat in Rosenheim

Tiny House as workplace

Last week Dennis had the opportunity to try out a new workspace: The Tiny House by 35 Kubik Heimat in the heart of Rosenheim became his working space for a few days. It is a

Frau mit Kompass in den Bergen
Ali Kazal on Unsplash

How assistants on websites not only help visitors

Who hasn't browsed a website looking for something specific and ended up not finding it after all? Until now there was no easy option for the CMS Drupal to use the functionalities of an assistant

Personen am Tisch in Gruppenarbeit
fauxels from Pexels

Once Drupal, always Drupal

We love Drupal - that's for sure. With undpaul we have been around for many years as specialists in the Drupal world. Therefore, we would like to share with you our TOP 5 reasons for

Ending Signage

Information for Drupal 9 upgrades from Drupal 8

Drupal is facing an end-of-life this year: Support for Drupal 8 will be discontinued as of 11/2/2021. Since Drupal 8 will no longer be supported after the EOL, we can only urge all Drupal 8
Different View Modes

Please choose your view mode... Now!

Switch view modes for all entity types editorially with our new Drupal module! In our projects we lacked versatility and flexibility for site builders as well as editors in layout output. So we developed a
Meer mit Tunnel

Discovery as a door opener for new Project

Again and again we find out: One of the biggest sticking points is the preparation and work prior to the actual project start. That is why we at undpaul have developed a method with our

Xavi Cabrera

Collaboration with agency partners

At the VDZ Tech Summit 2021 , we talked about the problems that can arise when working with agency partners and how to avoid them in advance. In this article, we summarize the topic in
Der Site Assistant mit einer Lupe herangezoomt

New Drupal module for contextual assistants

To enable visitors to the site to navigate more effectively via individual assistants that inform and direct them to the relevant topics depending on the context - that's what we wanted to realize for one
20 years Drupal around the world

Drupal celebrates its 20th anniversary

Today, just 20 years ago, the first version of Drupal, Drupal 1, was released. Many technologies have emerged in the past 20 years, became relevant, then lost their relevance again and disappeared. But not Drupal
Preview of a field config migration

Using Migrate as a replacement for Update Hooks

As a developer I tend to be lazy. I'm always searching for tools or shortcuts to make my live more comfortable. Recently I stumbled across a tweet by drubb giving an example on how to use

DrupalCon Europe 2020

Our Highlights from DrupalCon Europe 2020

Since we have been working in a remote setup for more than ten years, we always look forward to the yearly DrupalCon so we can finally see each other again as one team. This year