15.10.2020 Simone Oppermann

Jira for task management

How do we as a project team always keep an overview and can plan the next steps together? There are task management tools for this purpose. At undpaul we like to use Jira Software from Atlassian for requirements management.
29.09.2020 Simone Oppermann

Managing web projects with Scrum

Overall goal of our projects is to create or enhance websites that exactly meet the specific requirements and expectations of our customers. More and more the path determines the success of the results. So we at undpaul decided some years ago to apply agile project management and now follow the Scrum framework.
15.09.2020 Simone Oppermann

Drupal Quick Tips for creating content

Tips for editors - For us as professionals, many things in Drupal are natural and obvious. In the editorial office, however, one or the other thing can lead to question marks among the users or to small problems. Here you can find our top list of these little things.
9.09.2020 Simone Oppermann

How you can simplify your life

Tips for editorial offices - Recently we have been working a lot on projects in the publishing area and have asked ourselves again and again: How exactly do editorial offices want to work and how do they already do it? We're still learning and each of our projects provides us with new ideas and impulses. Of course we don't want to keep this to ourselves, but rather share our experiences here with you.
12.04.2019 Stefan Borchert

Doping for editors: put the fun in Paragraphs

For us, the Paragraphs module is the holy grail of structured content creation. With Paragraphs it is relatively uncomplicated to define prefabricated content elements that define the structure of the corresponding content. These can then...

Show your colours and your heart

On August 4th 2018 the so-called Day Orange took place. The day was organized by Seebrücke, an organization that expresses solidarity with all people seeking refuge and demands safe escape routes, as well as a decriminalization of sea rescue and a humane welcome of people who had to flee or are still on the run.