Help build a crowdsourced Video to celebrate the Drupal 7 release

Drupal 7 has cost enormous blood, sweat and tears. Now's the time for celebrating. And hey, there are the release parties. To combine this with marketing, there is something else we could do. The style of this video struck me.

So we will create something in the likes (only better, of course). This is a kickoff post to make you do the small videos that we cut into a big one at the end. Graciously, 300+ has offered to do the video editing and they are good at that.

The video will contain: Statements from you on why Drupal 7 is so great, and a big countdown that leads into people welcoming Drupal 7 like the new year on New Year's Eve.

Release Parties: the perfect occasion

We guess the release parties are the most appropriate space to whip out your mobile video recording device of any kind, and show us what you got. Working title: "Seven is seconds away".
If you record some videos before the parties and upload them to YouTube, it is much appreciated. So we can market the effort more..

Here is a video that explains what we need from you all to make this rock:

Steps to stardom

As explained in the video, I repeat the steps here once more. Do the video on your own, or do it with your pals. The more pieces we have, the greater the end result will be.

1. Make a statement

about what you think about Drupal 7. What excites you most? What does it mean to you personally?


"It's so easy now, my granny will build a site with it tomorrow."
"Two words are enough: cutting edge."
"Thanks to everyone who put so much work into it"

2. Count backwards

somewhere between 60 and 0

About 20 numbers are enough. To synchronize, best use a metronome, so you can look at the camera while counting. Set the metronome to 60 beats per minute. Here is a free one for Android:

3. Give a release cheer

Let us feel your positive energy while shouting "Releeeease". Supporting gestures much appreciated.

4. Go wild with cheering

Groups have an advantage here. If in doubt, consult the air guitar wold championships for inspiration in planned madness. If you are good, they can hear you in Helsinki.

5. Upload your video and notify us

Upload the video to your webserver or any video platform (YouTube preferred) and post a link to it as a comment to this post.

For best video quality it is preferred you upload your finished video onto some webserver and send us a download link (as a comment to this post or per mail to the undpaul contact email). So we have an uncompressed source file for editing.

If you find it easier, you can also upload the videos to YouTube. We are not sure if all these little videos on YouTube make sense, so decide yourself: If your video is a fun piece in itself, upload it anyway. There is no limit in including more improvised madness than the four points we need...

Since YouTube does not have groups anymore, we need to collect the videos differently: tag them "drupal-7-release". Also best start the title with "Drupal 7 Release" so we and other people can find them. Maybe "Drupal 7 Release Sam Boyer shows what he thinks of it..." To have a playlist in the end that shows all the pieces and the finished big one might be interesting :)

With your help, we can create a very lively video that can be a great marketing resource for Drupal 7 and some time after.