The European Drupal Business Days Frankfurt 2017

The European Drupal Business Days 2017 take place in Frankfurt from 18.05.-20.05.2017. We are a Platinum sponsor and support the event. In addition, we would like to share our expertise in major publishing projects with Thunder.


At the European Drupal Business Days, not only decision-makers, marketing managers or CXOs meet, but also customers for Drupal services. The event takes place at the Radisson Blu in Frankfurt am Main. Through the input of the various speakers from very different areas, each participant of the event can learn something new.

Subjects of the sessions are for example: issues such as brand communication or content management topics that help Drupal projects to success. In addition, social media strategies play a role as well as project management in Drupal projects. Total should be taught how Drupal projects become successful.

The keynote speakers

Here are some of the great speakers this year:

  • Collin Müller, Business Development, from Hubert Burda Media
  • Zach Chandler, Web Strategist at Stanford University

Anja from undpaul will give a lecture as part of Collin Müller's keynote session on "Our experience with Thunder in the real world". Another keynote speaker from Vodafone is planned, but not fixed yet. More information about all the entries submitted so far, you find here: Sessions.

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