Splash Awards 2018: undpaul nominated with ISPO.com

On the 8th of March 2018 it was time again, in Frankfurt the Drupal Splash Awards 2018 were awarded in the Brotfabrik. The aim of the award is to show special Drupal projects and give them a stage. Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire, Marcus Maihoff, Robert Douglas, Meike Jung, Rouven Volk and Marc Dinse were among the international jury this year.

The nominees

In total, 27 German projects were nominated this year. There have been various great projects, etc. filed in the fields of e-learning, e-commerce, non-profit, government or publishing/media. All nominees you can find here. We entered the race this year with our project ispo.com in the category publishers/media. Other contenders for the coveted award in this category were the SUPERillu (by UEBERBIT), Der Nordschleswiger (by Comm-Press) and Das Haus (by Galani Projects).

The Splash Award was international

New this year: for the first time there were also ten Austrian nominations. The Austrian Drupal community actually had the goal also to host a national competition for Drupal projects. However, there were not enough applicants, that’s why the German Splash Awards organizing team assigned the austrian colleagues an extra category. In the specially established categories "Austria", "E-Commerce", "Enterprise" and "Publishing / Media", all Austrian projects competed against each other.

The award

As in the previous year, Jeffrey A. "guided" McGuire through his presentation in a charming manner, presenting the nominated projects in each category. Compared to the previous year, significantly more spectators appeared for the award and so there were in addition to the awards also a lot of new contacts to win. All nominees received certificates and the agencies with the winning projects also took a nice, blue award back to the office.

The winners

We are pleased to have been nominated for this year with our project ispo.com in the category publishers / media. We congratulate our colleagues from Galani Projects, who won the Splash Award in the category publishers / media with their project Das Haus. More winners of this year will be available soon here.

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