Google Summer of Code 2014

This year Google celebrates the 10th birthday of their global program „Google Summer of Code“. The open source program offers student developers over the age of 18 the possibility for a scholarship. Mentoring organizations' application deadline is February 14th.

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is very popular amongst projects of the open source scene, because students can take on tasks that otherwise wouldn't get done. Participants earn scholarship funds of 5.500 USD, of which 500 USD go to the specific project and their mentors. This concept has a very high success rate and the participator list shows almost all popular open source projects.

We at undpaul love Drupal and the open source idea, which is why we decided to provide mentors to support the development of the Drupal modules FluxPocket, Leaflet and Paragraphs. You can view our proposals in the Task Organization Wiki at

Also make sure to check out these links if you're interested in mentoring or applying for a scholarship.

"Google Summer of Code" Logo from Google is licensed under "CC BY-NC-ND 3.0".