DrupalCon Barcelona 2015: Get your poster

We folks at undpaul love Drupal swag. At DrupalCon Amsterdam, we gave away over 500 shirts for free, which was a huge success. 

This year, we wanted to create something more unique. Since we all love festivals and DrupalCon, we merged both worlds and created a very special poster for you guys. We made a poster with every speaker who is presenting at DrupalCon Barcelona. If you are holding a session, you received a poster from the lovely people at the Drupal Association when they gave you your registration goodie bag. If you are not a speaker, you can still download the poster and print it out yourself and make your office a little bit more beautiful.


Lucio Waßill
  • Head of Development
  • Drupal Developer
  • Scrum-Master

Lucio is originally from Leipzig and, unlike the other East Germans on the team, has not yet fled to the West. Since 2007 Lucio works with Drupal and is both an all-rounder in Drupal development as well as in project management and DevOps.

If he does not work for undpaul, he is a music junkie and runs a small online music magazine. He is also passionate about playing volleyball and looks after other volleyball players aged 18-64.

In addition, Lucio has studied Business Informatics, is Acquia Certified Developer and certified Scrum Master.