Lucio is originally from Leipzig and, unlike the other East Germans on the team, has not yet fled to the West. Since 2007 Lucio works with Drupal and is both an all-rounder in Drupal development as well as in project management and DevOps.

If he does not work for undpaul, he is a music junkie and runs a small online music magazine. He is also passionate about playing volleyball and looks after other volleyball players aged 18-64.

In addition, Lucio has studied Business Informatics, is Acquia Certified Developer and certified Scrum Master.

Drupal experience
Acquia Certified Developer Badge
  • Acquia Certified Developer since July 2014

Recent blog posts by Lucio

DrupalCon Barcelona 2105

DrupalCon Barcelona 2015: Get your poster

We folks at undpaul love Drupal swag. At DrupalCon Amsterdam, we gave away over 500 shirts for free, which was a huge success. This year, we wanted to create something more unique. Since we all

New module to limit the amount of menu items per menu

In a recent project, we had to provide a way to easily limit the amount of menu items for several menus separately. Drupal does not provide this functionality out of the box so we had

Contextual content with the Flag module and a custom Views "Default Argument Handler"

The Views module is the most installed Drupal module and gives great power to developers for building websites. Because of its rich feature set, Views will be integrated in core as part of Drupal 8
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