Soon it's time again...

For the second time, the Splash Awards Germany will take place on March 08, 2018. The awarding of the coveted prize for successful Drupal projects takes place in the Brotfabrik in Frankfurt am Main.

About the Splash Awards

Originally, the award ceremony for the Splash Award comes from the Netherlands. Since 2014, Drupal service providers have been awarded who realize extraordinary projects. Various interesting projects from different areas are presented and judged by a jury. 


Nominations are available in the categories Education, E-Commerce, Enterprise, Healthcare, Solutions, Non-Profit, Government, Social / Community and Publishing / Media. Agencies and freelancers will be able to submit their projects to the Splash Awards 2018 upto 31th January 2018. The only requirement for participation is a company headquarters in Germany. Sponsors are still accepted. 

This year, we submitted our project in the category publishers/media and we are curious to see who will win the race this year. We look forward to lots of interesting Drupal projects and old/new faces from the Drupal community.