Once Drupal, always Drupal

We love Drupal - that's for sure. With undpaul, we have been specialists in the Drupal world for over 10 years. Calculated to our whole team, we even bring it to more than 100 years of Drupal experience. In all this time, we have remained committed to Drupal and know that we will remain so in the future.

Why is that? Below we share with you our TOP 5 reasons for Drupal that will always make us choose Drupal as content management system (CMS).

1) Flexibility

Drupal is extremely flexible and versatile. Due to the modular structure, content and layout are separated from each other. Both can be edited or exchanged independently without affecting the site as a whole.

The page can be changed or extended at any time. For example, it is possible to add language variants, redesign the layout, add further user interaction, integrate new data sources, etc.

2) Tailored solutions

Drupal is very well customizable and adaptable to the actual goals and requirements of the web project. There are (almost) no limits to the ideas and possibilities.

As a CMS, Drupal offers a very good basis, which can be extended and customized via thousands of extensions (modules). The already large selection is also constantly being expanded with new modules. Thus, there is already a pre-built solution for an enormous number of use cases. The Drupal site is then assembled only from the building blocks that are needed for the particular use case. And of course, these can be extended at any time.

3) Usability & Accessibility

Drupal has a strong focus on usability for users and accessibility for visitors.

The backend for Drupal users is kept clear and focused. Users can work from anywhere via the browser and do not need any additional software. Via the integrated role and rights system, the view and editing options are adapted for the user groups. Thus, all users (e.g. marketing, editors, developers, etc.) can work clearly and efficiently in their work environment.

Accessibility standards are a basic requirement in Drupal. Drupal ensures that all features and content comply with the World Wide Web Consortium guidelines WCAG, WAI-ARIA and ADA guidelines. This supports a low barrier website to allow easy access to information for all users.

4) Open interfaces

Drupal integrates really well with existing tools and software in the existing business environment. Through robust APIs, the Drupal site can communicate and interoperate with many other interfaces. For example, your own CRM software, external media databases, marketing tools, etc. can be shared with Drupal.

5) Community & Security

Drupal is an open source solution and is (further) developed by an extremely dedicated community. Worldwide, many web professionals invest their time in documentation, testing, code review, further development and networking. Thus, they are constantly working on the improvement of Drupal, which becomes visible in the form of ever new features and modules.

An important role is played by the security team within the community. The experts continuously analyze and eliminate potential risks. Thus, every new module undergoes a strict quality test by the security team before release.

For whom is Drupal particularly suitable?

From our experience, Drupal is suitable for projects of very different sizes - from very small, local to international, extensive sites. However, the advantages of Drupal become particularly apparent in large and complex projects.

Drupal has its strengths especially when

  • individual requirements,
  • multilingualism,
  • large amounts of content,
  • many users,
  • integration and connection of existing tools or
  • complex requirements are to be realized.

We are Drupal professionals and can advise in detail in this area. However, the choice for the appropriate content management system must be made by each site operator.

Is the decision to purchase a new content management system imminent? The selection of web CMS is already very large and grows from year to year. The interactive guide from bluepick German only) offers a helpful overview of the various systems.

Simone Oppermann
  • Scrum-Masterin
  • Account-Managerin

Simone gehört seit 2020 zum festen undpaul-Team. Bereits 2012 war sie als Studentin bei uns und hat für ihre Masterarbeit eine responsive Drupal-Seite gebaut.

Neue Dinge kennenlernen macht Spaß, sagt sie. So hat Simone u. a. Zertifizierungen als Scrum Masterin und Eventmanagerin.

Wenn Zeit und Budget es zulassen, ist sie auf Reisen irgendwo in der Welt zu finden.