Tiny House as workplace

Since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, home office has become a part of normality for many of us. Some love their newfound freedom, while others find it hard to get used to and want to return to their familiar office environment as soon as possible.

For us at undpaul, remote working is a given and even an integral part of our corporate culture. Long before Covid-19, we laid the foundations to be able to work from home or any other location. But even we as remote experts have discovered new ways for us to escape a little from the isolation caused by the pandemic. For example, we have created a virtual coffee kitchen - so that we can face the prevailing situation together and discuss the everyday trivialities.

Personally, I also had the great fortune to try a new variant of the working environment for myself and to escape the isolation at home: When the Rosenheim Public Library offered me to use the Tiny House from 35 Kubik Heimat as a working space for a few days, I was immediately hooked. So I was able to set up my workspace directly from June 23-25, 2021 in the Tiny House in the heart of Rosenheim at the newly designed Salzstadl.

TinyHouse Rosenheim - Innenansicht

The interior of the Tiny House is very space-saving: Kitchen, bathroom, bed and dining table come out of the wall and floor.

Personal expectations exceeded

Regarding my three days working in the Tiny House office, I have to say: the actual experience exceeded even my wildest expectations. After a short settling-in period, during which I felt a bit like a fish in an aquarium, the special atmosphere of the Tiny House completely absorbed me. Even with the high temperatures (well over 30┬░ Celsius), a pleasant breeze came inside through the large doors and I was able to work in a relaxed and concentrated manner. Of the many possibilities offered by the house, I could only use a limited amount, but what I was able to experience definitely left an impression.

I believe that Tiny Houses can definitely be an alternative to fixed offices and also the classic home office in the future. After all, they are very variable, can be used almost anywhere and can offer different professional groups a comfortable workplace. At the beautiful location in the heart of Rosenheim, directly in front of the city library, the Tiny House 35 Kubik Heimat is definitely worth a visit and for me a view of how cities should be in the future.

Certainly there will be further opportunities to use the Tiny House again as a workplace for me, but also for smaller events of undpaul. The very good conversations with the people in charge of the library made me want to do more.

Seitenansicht des TinyHouse 35KubikHeimat in Rosenheim

The Tiny House 35 Kubik Heimat is located in a beautiful place, centrally located, right in front of the city library in Rosenheim.

More about the Tiny House

The Tiny House 35 Kubik Heimat was realized by a team of 19 students in the interior design course at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences. It is being tested as a prototype of an apartment in which the kitchen, bathroom, bed and dining table are conjured from the wall and floor.

After a short tour of Germany, the Tiny House is now back in Rosenheim and anyone can borrow it and try it out as a place to learn, a working space or just a quiet place to relax via the "Library of Things" project of the Rosenheim City Library!

Dennis Steinberg
  • UI/UX-Designer

Dennis has been part of undpaul's permanent team since 2016 and takes care of everything related to UI and UX design. He is happily married and an enthusiastic dad.