Our highlights of DrupalCon Europe 2021

A few weeks ago, DrupalCon Europe took place - for the second time as a purely digital conference. The whole undpaul team had "time off" from their daily tasks, so we had time to learn new things, to share our knowledge and to contribute to the community. From last year (link to blog post), we already knew the digital approach and plunged directly into the large number of talks and sessions.

Our presentation on discovery workshops

This year we also contributed to the DrupalCon program: On the very first day Simone gave a short presentation on "Discovery as a door opener for successful projects". In this talk we show how and why a discovery workshop improves the collaboration with partners but also the results of the project when held at the beginning of a project. You can watch the whole presentation on YouTube.

Our favorite sessions

Again, there were too many sessions to attend them all. So we split up according to our individual interests and each attended his or her own sessions. However, we all agree on one thing: The absolute highlight was this year's keynote with LJ Rich on the topic "Sound Ideas: Unlocking Creativity". With her mix of presentation, keyboard playing, singing and humor, she absolutely impressed us.

Here we have summarized our personal highlights - directly linked to the YouTube videos to watch:









Simone Oppermann
  • Scrum-Masterin
  • Account-Managerin

Simone gehört seit 2020 zum festen undpaul-Team. Bereits 2012 war sie als Studentin bei uns und hat für ihre Masterarbeit eine responsive Drupal-Seite gebaut.

Neue Dinge kennenlernen macht Spaß, sagt sie. So hat Simone u. a. Zertifizierungen als Scrum Masterin und Eventmanagerin.

Wenn Zeit und Budget es zulassen, ist sie auf Reisen irgendwo in der Welt zu finden.