2.06.2013 Anja Schirwinski

Upgrading the Busy theme to Drupal 8

Back when Drupal 7 was being developed, there was a big inititiative about getting new pretty themes into Drupal core. There were three really good suggestions, one of them being Bartik, which the most people...
4.04.2013 Lucio Waßill

Contextual content with the Flag module and a custom Views "Default Argument Handler"

The Views module is the most installed Drupal module and gives great power to developers for building websites. Because of its rich feature set, Views will be integrated in core as part of Drupal 8....
26.03.2013 Stefan Borchert

How to add a map with leaflet programmatically

Sometimes you would like to add a map to a node or block without the need for detailled configuration options. You simply want to display a map and be done with it. Fortunately this is...
26.02.2013 Steffen Rühlmann

Theming in Drupal 8 with Twig (Part 2)

Following up on the first blog post on Theming in Drupal 8 with Twig , this second part will cover Twig's syntax. In order to explain these changes more clearly I want to compare the...
18.02.2013 Steffen Rühlmann

Theming in Drupal 8 with Twig (Part 1)

Besides fundamental changes in the backend of Drupal 8 (i.e usage of several Symfony 2 components) a new theme engine called Twig is also introduced to Drupal. In the course of further development of Drupal...
14.02.2013 Steffen Rühlmann

Domain Access - define image styles per domain

Image Style Basics Drupal offers the possibility to easily process images via image styles (formerly known as imagecache presets). In our current case of a photo heavy website we had to integrate a watermark image...