26.02.2013 Steffen Rühlmann

Theming in Drupal 8 with Twig (Part 2)

Following up on the first blog post on Theming in Drupal 8 with Twig , this second part will cover Twig's syntax. In order to explain these changes more clearly I want to compare the...
18.02.2013 Steffen Rühlmann

Theming in Drupal 8 with Twig (Part 1)

Besides fundamental changes in the backend of Drupal 8 (i.e usage of several Symfony 2 components) a new theme engine called Twig is also introduced to Drupal. In the course of further development of Drupal...
14.02.2013 Steffen Rühlmann

Domain Access - define image styles per domain

Image Style Basics Drupal offers the possibility to easily process images via image styles (formerly known as imagecache presets). In our current case of a photo heavy website we had to integrate a watermark image...

Open Government Data Germany and the consequences for Drupal

In August 2012 the Federal Ministry of the Interior published a press release with the title "Federal Ministry of the Interior publishes survey about "Open Government Data Germany"" . Of course this is very exciting...
10.01.2012 Johannes Haseitl

Taming mobile and secure pages

Setting up HTTPS configuration is easy ... To build additional security on special pages on a website (e.g. a user form), the module Secure Pages has proved its worth. With it, you simply configure a...
21.12.2011 Johannes Haseitl

Stage File Proxy - no more big file dumps

Who doesn't know the following scenario: one is on vacation, maybe on a farm. Letting it all go easy, the sun is shining on your head, cowbells are ringing all around, everything feels just wonderful....