Lebkuchenherz undpaul
3. December 2020

Happy Birthday! 10 years undpaul

We really already reached a two digit anniversary. undpaul had its 10th birthday yesterday - and that was celebrated! With hot wine, delicious food, party hats, and memories of one or the other highlight with
Albert Einstein Zitat
10. November 2020

DDEV - Simplify local dev environment

What the craftsmen use for their workshops is the local development environment for our development team. To keep it simple and comfortable, we now use DDEV, an open-source tool based on Docker. This already simplifies
Serpentinen im Wald
15. October 2020

Jira for task management

How do we as a project team always keep an overview and can plan the next steps together? There are task management tools for this purpose. At undpaul we like to use Jira Software from
Hikers at Sunset
29. September 2020

Managing web projects with Scrum

Overall goal of our projects is to create or enhance websites that exactly meet the specific requirements and expectations of our customers. More and more the path determines the success of the results. So we
Information Note
15. September 2020

Drupal Quick Tips for creating content

Tips for editors - For us as professionals, many things in Drupal are natural and obvious. In the editorial office, however, one or the other thing can lead to question marks among the users or
New York Journalist at Work
9. September 2020

How you can simplify your life

Tips for editorial offices - Recently we have been working a lot on projects in the publishing area and have asked ourselves again and again: How exactly do editorial offices want to work and how
neu gestalteter Paragraphs-Dialog
12. April 2019

Doping for editors: put the fun in Paragraphs

For us, the Paragraphs module is the holy grail of structured content creation. With Paragraphs it is relatively uncomplicated to define prefabricated content elements that define the structure of the corresponding content. These can then
Day Orange 04.08.2018
Quelle: Facebook
31. July 2018

Show your colours and your heart

On August 4th 2018 the so-called Day Orange took place. The day was organized by Seebrücke, an organization that expresses solidarity with all people seeking refuge and demands safe escape routes, as well as a
Splash Award 2018
Lars Stauder Photography Drupal Business Deutschland e.V.
9. March 2018

Splash Awards 2018: undpaul nominated with ISPO.com

On the 8th of March 2018 it was time again, in Frankfurt the Drupal Splash Awards 2018 were awarded in the Brotfabrik. The aim of the award is to show special Drupal projects and give
Splash Awards
Splash Awards Deutschland
24. January 2018

Soon it's time again...

For the second time, the Splash Awards Germany will take place on March 08, 2018. The awarding of the coveted prize for successful Drupal projects takes place in the Brotfabrik in Frankfurt am Main. About
Thunder Day am 20.11.2017
6. November 2017

First Thunder Day 2017 in Hamburg

The first Thunder Day will take place on 20th November 2017 in Hamburg at the Wälderhaus. The free event starts at 10:00 am and serves the exchange of experiences in working with Thunder. The day
Platin Sponsor Badge der European Business Days Frankfurt 2017
11. April 2017

The European Drupal Business Days Frankfurt 2017

The European Drupal Business Days 2017 take place in Frankfurt from 18.05.-20.05.2017. We are a Platinum sponsor and support the event. In addition, we would like to share our expertise in major publishing projects with