8.11.2010 Johannes Haseitl

Drupal Sprint Camp Wrapup

On Oct 16/17th we held the Drupal 7 Sprintcamp in Hannover. We met with 40 Drupal Workers of all flavors to give a boost to Drupal 7. Beyond the main focus on D7 we also...
30.10.2010 Stefan Borchert

Creating an inline Image Gallery

This tutorial shows a quick and easy way of creating an inline image gallery. Our goal is to add an arbitrary number of images to content (say of the content type "page"). We want to...

Drupal 7 Sprint Camp in Hannover

This weekend, undpaul is proud to present the Drupal 7 Sprint Camp in Hannover in collaboration with the German Drupal Initiative. Note the absence of "code" in the name ;) We are happy to cover...
12.10.2010 Anja Schirwinski

The first Drupal Executives Meetup in Brussels

Last weekend (Oct. 9./10.) the first Drupal Executives Meetup (DrupalCXO) took place in Brussels. DrupalCXO is a business event specifically for Drupal Executives and was held in in a venue provided to us by Microsoft...
1.08.2010 Stefan Borchert

Drupal and Media Queries: more control of your styles

With CSS3 the W3C has introduced a new goodie for design on the web: Media Queries. Until then stylesheets could only be called conditionally by using media types like "print" or "screen". Media Queries extends...