Drupal 7 Sprint Camp in Hannover

This weekend, undpaul is proud to present the Drupal 7 Sprint Camp in Hannover in collaboration with the German Drupal Initiative . Note the absence of "code" in the name ;) We are happy to...
12.10.2010 Anja Schirwinski

The first Drupal Executives Meetup in Brussels

Last weekend (Oct. 9./10.) the first Drupal Executives Meetup (DrupalCXO) took place in Brussels. DrupalCXO is a business event specifically for Drupal Executives and was held in in a venue provided to us by Microsoft....
1.08.2010 Stefan Borchert

Drupal and Media Queries: more control of your styles

With CSS3 the W3C has introduced a new goodie for design on the web: Media Queries . Until then stylesheets could only be called conditionally by using media types like "print" or "screen". Media Queries...