21.12.2011 Johannes Haseitl

Stage File Proxy - no more big file dumps

Who doesn't know the following scenario: one is on vacation, maybe on a farm. Letting it all go easy, the sun is shining on your head, cowbells are ringing all around, everything feels just wonderful...
12.12.2011 Johannes Haseitl

Videos on iPhone and iPad

I guess a lot of people that have to deal with integrating videos on a website for iPhone and iPad, will - at some point - run into the problem that some videos simply won't...

Relaunch of undpaul website

We did it. Drupal shops and other website companies are sometimes very fast in creating a new site for a client. But not so with their own website. It took us about half a year...

Help build a crowdsourced Video to celebrate the Drupal 7 release

Drupal 7 has cost enormous blood, sweat and tears. Now's the time for celebrating. And hey, there are the release parties. To combine this with marketing, there is something else we could do. The style...

Drupal Design Camp Prague - Big Plans for Designers in Drupal

Design Camp Prague was great. I met quite some people I did not know. A strange feeling to be in a Drupal crowd that was not dominated by developers... Well, actually it was not dominated...
26.11.2010 Stefan Borchert

Integrate Rules with Webform

Webform is a great module to build simple to complex forms for users to fill out, but it has no built-in way to trigger events for Rules. Unfortunately the maintainer is not going to add...