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Thunder provides you a great way to publish quickly and easily your editorial content.

The Drupal 8 distribution is an open, licence-free editorial system by publishers for publishers. Thunder was developed by Hubert Burda Media. Many features have already been implemented with the preconfigured Drupal 8 distribution.

The quality of Thunder is secured by a network, the so-called Thunder Coalition. As a result, the functions of Thunder are constantly being further developed.

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ISPO.com zeigt nicht nur  365 Tage im Jahr die wichtigsten News, Trends und Hintergründe aus dem Sport und der Sportartikelbranche, sondern ist auch ein internationales Netzwerk, welches Sportakteure weltweit miteinander verbindet. 

Durch den Relaunch mithilfe von Thunder ist das Portal zukunftsfähig und bedeutet eine große Arbeitserleichterung für die Redaktion. Die neue Seite hält auch höherem Besucherverkehr zu Messezeiten stand. 

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Screenshot der Tabletansicht der neuen ISPO Webseite
Screenshot der Webseite von Mein schöner Garten nach Relaunch

An online portal based on Drupal 8

In the first quarter of 2016 Burda Senator GmbH – a subsidiary company of the Hubert Burda Media Group - relaunched this online portal based on the Thunder distribution. We supported the company by successfully implementing the portal with Drupal 8 including data migration from the predecessor system. A facetted search built on Apache Solr has also been implemented.

Awarded the Splash Award 2017

We received the Splash Award 2017 for the project "Mein schöner Garten" in the category Publishers & Media.

The relaunch not only doubled the visitor numbers of the site, but the content of the page is now much better connected with the online shop of "Mein schöner Garten".

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We belong to the network of Certified Thunder Integrators. One of our first projects, which we implemented with the aid of Thunder, is "Mein schöner Garten".

Are you interested in a project that should be implemented by using Thunder? Feel free to contact us.

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