Co-founder and CEO of undpaul. Project manager, account manager, front end developer, certified Acquia developer and author of Drupal 8 Configuration Management (Packt Publishing).

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Acquia Certified Developer Badge
  • Acquia Certified Developer since August 2014

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Xavi Cabrera

Collaboration with agency partners

At the VDZ Tech Summit 2021, we talked about the problems that can arise when working with agency partners and how to avoid them in advance. In this article, we summarize the topic in detail
DrupalCon Europe 2020

Our Highlights from DrupalCon Europe 2020

Since we have been working in a remote setup for more than ten years, we always look forward to the yearly DrupalCon so we can finally see each other again as one team. This year

A book about Configuration

A book about Configuration Management in Drupal 8

In December 2013, Packt Publishing asked us to write a book about the upcoming Drupal 8. They had seen the Drupal Association survey that showed the new feature Configuration Management was the most popular topic
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